The matchstick is as old as the hills. It was invented many years ago. But today, hardly anyone uses it now that they have got a variety of lighters and fire-lighting equipment to fall back on. But here and there, some cleverly conscientious people are still putting the old matchstick to good use. And not even to light a fire, would you believe. Certainly not to scratch the ears with. Just as bad as worn tires are, this is dangerous stuff.

You could lose the use of your eardrums and you could go deaf, that is what could happen. And you could lose your entire life if you drive around with worn tires. Ask the tire services normal il technician about the old matchstick test and he will probably smile right back at you. This is an old test that is used to test the wear and depth of your tires. If it reaches a certain point, then you know that the tires need to be retreaded or replaced.

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And even still, just sitting in your car, getting ready to pull out of the driveway, you can still do your own tire test without resorting to matches. There will be warning lights on your dashboard panel that will tell you straightaway that your tires have reached its dangerous zenith. But the best service that you can do for your tires, your car, and for your life, is to take the car in and have the tires checked out by the technicians there.

Depending on what kind of car you are driving, how often you are driving, and what kind of tires you are using, determines how often you will have to have the tires checked and serviced. And once or twice a year is not asking much either.