It is big and wide state. It is shaped like a steak, a man-sized steak. But it’s not the biggest state on the map. That’s just buy the way. By the way, buying your way around all the custom car shops in texas is probably going to take you a couple of weeks to get through. That’s only if your old truck can hold up. What if the old bird breaks down along the way? Dang! Nowhere near the next custom car shop.

custom car shops in texas

And, hoo boy, here’s the chop shop truck heading right this way. So here’s the thing guys. Save yourself the sweat and save on the gas. Head down to your mobiles won’t you all. And just tap into the net just like that. Type it in with your one or two fingers and get it down like that. It takes a while but don’t you be worrying about that. You’ll get there soon enough. Until there it is, right smack bang in front of you.

Custom car shops all over Texas. Yeeha! Now what? Now what you do is this next thing. You’re looking for a new truck, right? So what you want to do next is what they call narrowing down your search, like looking squarely with one eye down past the barrel of your rifle. And there you have it, see. Custom trucks in Texas. But maybe madam is after a souped up SUV. Man, it’s sacrilege! No Ford for this old lady.

It’s got to be a Porsche Cayenne, for crying out loud. Only the most expensive dang truck in town. To do what? Go to the mall and drop the kids off for soccer practice. Really, guys. C’mon!