Driving by in your own car one sunny Saturday afternoon, you may have seen this gentleman busy in his driveway. Around the same time every Saturday afternoon, he is busy cleaning his car. He works like clockwork and is as regular as his morning oats. On the other hand, this is no regular guy in the sense that he takes his essential car maintenance southwick work extremely seriously. Not many other guys, perhaps not even you, could say the same about themselves.

And it just so happens that this regular washing and buffing exercise forms part of the car maintenance exercise. Most guys shun this work. It is too labor-intensive. But not this guy. He does not mind the work at all. It is a labor of love. As far as cars go, he may be a romantic and all but he is also a pragmatist. He has his own noodle, just like you do. But he is prepared to use it, you see. Every other month, the car owner should take his car in for a full and proper and thorough cleaning.

This also gives the garage attendant an opportunity to give the car a brief maintenance and inspection. Make sure everything is working alright. He will even be carrying out the inspection from behind the car owner’s wheel. Windscreen wipers working? Check. Brakes are working too. Check, check. Transmission system seems to be fine. And that’s a check too. But lookie here. There seems to be a problem with the car’s battery.

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Better go and take a look-see. And that is what the dashboard is there for. So use it well if you please. It is for your own good. Never mind the expense, it will keep you alive on the roads.